Camilla works as a conceptual stylist / artist living in London, UK.  She enjoys minimal design, considered packaging, prop sourcing and everything foodie. Camilla is currently available for freelance projects, consulting and collaborations, She is very flexible and works on a project by project basis, from large scale to small.

Email her directly at camillawordie@hotmail.co.uk for rates and availability, or to say hello.


Worked for:

Gails Bakery | Como Metropolitan Hotel | Fortnum & Mason | Burger King | Handpicked, News UK | One Point Eight | Nutribrex | Brother Marcus Knorr | Toast Ale Madame Merillou | Stake Haus | Radisson Blu Mark | Hix’s CNB Gallery | Free People

Featured in:

Metro | The Times | Time Out | Home Spun Australia | ProteIn | Design Boom | The Island Review | The Food Player Book |  | FaddyBoomBah